We are starting solid foods at 4 months adjusted 7 months actual ( almost )

We are starting foods at 4 months adjusted 7 months actual ( almost )

We are starting foods at 4 months adjusted 7 months actual ( almost )

By 20fingers20toes

Our First Emergency Room Trip for Asher

So we had our first ER trip yesterday. Let me tell you;  if I was worried about Ashers health before I was really worried after that trip. So it all began while I was at a bad competition with my older son; I came home and my husband told me that while giving Asher is bath that he was weezing. So automatically with his history I began to notice everything that could possibly be wrong. He was sleeping when I arrived so I began to listen to his breathing at rest to ensure he wasnt having labored breathing or rapid breathing. He seemed fine but was just breathing a little loudly and of course in my mind that wasnt normal. So then I made him a bottle and during feeding I noticed his head was bobbing a little when eating which is something he use to do in the NICU when he was going through his problems breathing. At that point I decided to go ahead and call the doctor to just get his opinion on what we should do and if there was any real reason to worry. Of course the nurse said she doesnt think there is any sign of concern but to go ahead and take him in just in case with his history. So after driving to downtown fort worth we arrive to a room full of sick people ( obviously ) but I immediately got even more panicked and made sure Asher was completely covered in his carseat and just continued to Purell every 5 minutes like a crazy person. They got us back very quickly thankfully and proceeded to check him for RSV and a slew of other things. Three hours later, breathing treatment done and sent home with an inhaler for weezing or coughing. Thankfully they did not find RSV or any serious problems. I was finally able to crawl into bed around 2 am because of course when we got home Asher was hungry and wanted to eat. My poor baby had a rough night of being poked and pinched so he ate and went right to sleep. So thankful to have my beautiful babies and scares like that one only enforce the reason why sanitizing and washing hands is so important for the preemies. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

GERM PHOBIA ( Preemie Precautions )

So I just wanted to discuss a serious situation that I’m sure all micro preemie moms have ran into. When discharged from the NICU we were told in great detail how the boys ( especially  Asher ) could not even handle a common cold so we needed to make sure that we took all precautions to ensure their health and well being. Even just the common cold could end up with one of the boys back in the hospital on a ventilator or even worse. Now as most preemie moms can attest; this does bring out the MOMMA BEAR in us all. So prior to even bringing home the boys I informed all family and friend what shots were required in order to be around the boys and that they cant have been sick or around a sick family memeber within the last week. Most people have been very accomodating but dont totally understand the importance. However, they do respect our wishes. The problem that I have recently ran into is being called TOO PICKY! Even after I have informed family that any illness could be deadly to the boys ( no matter how small ) and could easily put them back into the hospital. Yes, I have had to be very pushy with people and always ask are you sick, did you sanitize and have you had an immediate family member that has been sick within the last week. It does make for ackward conversations and hurt feelings but at the risk of the boys health its a must. I guess in the beginning I just assumed that people would understand once they heard the word DEADLY; but apparently that has not been the case. So i am trying to be understanding and remember that most people have not experience what myself and my husband have with the boys. The endless crying at the NICU, the wondering if my child was going to have cerebral palsy, wondering if the white matter trauma was life threatening, having to decide if I wanted a pic line put into my 2 lb infant and so on and so on. NICU days were filled with tons of questions and no answers; only time would tell and we are still waiting for answer and I guess always will be. So yes I get that nobody but other preemie moms can relate but I do expect a little understanding.They may not understand my wishes but I hope they can respect them. I guess I just wanted to discuss it because I dont want people to think its a personal attack on them or that I think they would intentionally hurt my children but its so easy for it to slip someones mind. Especially when they are so excited to see they boys and want so badly just to be around them; cause lets be honest who could resist the faces of these two little miracle fighter babies. So we have recently enforced a rule in our home and with the nanny. Nobody its allowed around the boys when the nanny is there. They must wait until we get home because I know my husband and I will not forget to ask the 3 required questions. I just encourage people to do some research to try and understand why we preemie moms have to be SO PICKY for our precious little miracle. Its not that we dont want to share them or take them out for fun days or because we want them all to ourselves; they just require a little more time before they can have all that exposure. Also, keep in mind that while micro preemies are almost always on lockdown for the first couple of years its also the parents that are on lockdown and dont really get to get out and socialize. Our whole focus is spent on ensuring the safety of these precious beings and waiting and dreading every single scary possability that could go wrong at any moment. So please try and understand why being TOO PICKY is a requirement for us and be an encouragement. Has anyone had this happen to them too?